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Happy Shopper Kitchen Foil 7.5m 300mm Wide
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Prepare and Use

Directions for Use Push in tabs to secure roll. Salt in food can occasionally attack aluminium and cause small holes to appear. To prevent this happening, lightly coat the foil with cooking oil prior to cooking. Do not allow foil to come into direct contact with a naked flame or electrical elements. Always consult microwave manufacturer’s instructions before using foil in a microwave oven. Storing food in metal containers covered with foil is not recommended. Do not allow foil to come into contact with acidic foods such as rhubarb or lemons. Never re-use aluminium foil. Make sure poultry and meat are completely thawed before cooking. Always allow food to completely cool before storing in a refrigerator or freezer. To keep food warm, prior to serving, wrap in fresh foil.

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